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Superlift ORV Park Sept 20th


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February 2, 2006
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We threw together a one day wheeling trip to the Superlift ORV park, BT93 (in the white eddie), a friend (in the black heep), and myself. Took lots of pictures, the trails that would have made the best pictures I was too busy driving to take pictures.

The trails were fairly eroded, we planned to work our way up to 3's, but a couple of the ones we did were rated as 1's and I'd rate them as a 2.5. Places on a couple of the 2 trails were pushing a 3. I'll upload pictures now :D

No damage for anybody other than trail pin striping thankfully.

I do know a couple of guys who need lockers :rolleyes:

IMG_1267 (Medium).JPG

IMG_1280 (Medium).JPG

IMG_1303 (Medium).JPG

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Pictures do not due this justice- some of these trails are very steep. On a rainy day, this would be some tough stuff.

We got on one trail that was rated a 2, but we had to turn back, a lack of clearance and lockers kept us from going. It was definitely eroded to a 3

IMG_1340 (Medium).JPG

IMG_1341 (Medium).JPG

IMG_1343 (Medium).JPG



Jeff - :navajo:


I was really getting into that last trail. Ok guys I have to admit this ex has thoroughly impressed me. Never would I have thought that I could have that much fun in a mildly modified vehicle. The Federal M/T,s have turned out to be an awesome buy. I really need some lift!

That is all

great pics !! that place looks awsome !!!!

I'll be starting the cleanup & damage assessment stage of this trip this morning. I know i got some major rock chips from following the guy who trailed the Heep home. Apparently he hauled a major load of gravel before the trip. There were large white rocks falling out from between his trailer boards the whole way down and back. It beat the **** out of my front end. Also on the way home I hit a large piece of debris on the road it looked to be chicken wire the Heep driver and I had no where to go with all lanes full so he hit it and tossed it into my front clip. All in all it was a great trip. I had a really good time, the little lady got pretty motion sick on me though. She informed me on the way home that that would be a guys only trip next time. lol

Not too much damage, a lot of rock chips, and a cracked headlight that's about it.

those are trails...???

I always thought they were the road TO the trails..... hahahahahaha