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Superlift ProRock Comp.


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October 6, 2002
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Agony, GA.. I mean Albany, GA
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1998 F-150 Lariat 4x4
The Superlift ProRockcrawlers Org. is having the California State Championship event the weekend of March 8 & 9 at Johnson Valley OHV Area. Entry is 10 dollors for 2 day pass kids 12 and under free.

The Johnson Valley OHV Area for all that don't know is located in the high desert valley. It is about between Victorville and Yucca Valley on Hwy 247 (Old Woman Springs Road).

The hole valley is full of dry lake beds and mountin type trails. There is much to see in this vast waste land of a OHV. They will have the normal things that all these events have, ie atlas 2 drawing, lift kit drawing, beer garden, and food stands.

I plan on going if I get my frontend finished by then. It kind of completly died this week. Oh well, if you want to go and need directions of want to meat up before the event give me a email or PM.


P.S. more info at