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Superlift suspension


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September 28, 1999
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'91 xl sport
Why does the superlift 5.5 inch suspension lift kit drop the front axle pivots 5.5 inches and the radius arm drop brackets less? It would make more sense to me to drop the radius arms the same amount to have proper caster during the alignment.

To keep the suspension characteristics the same..If you look at a stock unit, the are also slightly higher/lower..

It would make more sense to drop the axle pivots the same as the radius arm drop brackets to have the same driving characteristics. If you notice on the "skyjacker 6" and 4" lift kit the only difference is the length of the coil spring that's included. The axle pivots have hole locations at the 4 and 6 inch positions. So you just bolt up your axle housings accordingly. The radius arm drop brkts are still the same in the 4 and 6 inch kits. Obviously you will loose some available "caster" degrees because you are not dropping the rear of the radius arm the same as the axle drop brkts. The only reason that I can think of why the lift companies don't drop the radius arms more is beacuse of frt driveshaft angles. But then again skyjacker does have a 8" lift kit for the rangers with TTB suspensions. I wonder how much actual drop the radius arm brkts have on the 8" skyjacker kits. I was thinking of maybe putting a set of radius drop brkts from the skyjacker kit if it's around 6" of drop. Then maybe I can get a more desireable caster reading on the alignments.