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Superlift TTB drop bracket is breaking!! What to do?

try a bottle jack under the bracket and beam, you may be able to push them together enough to get a decent weld in there. Or a porta power might work, if you have access to one. That would be a good temp fix then get a new one from stupidlift and gusset it.

Or scrap the whole damn thing and go solid... :thumbsup:

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Is it being too involved more important than having the thing come apart at 60 mph on the freeway?

My gosh, spend a little time and effort to ensure to your own safety. Seems worthwhile to me....

Imagine how involved you would have to get for a whole front end rebuild? Or how involved the hospital bills would be for you kid/wife/girlfriend/mother/yourself.

^^Seriously...why are you doing an SAS if you think this is too much work?

from the looks of it, if its flexing as much as you say, the end is VERY near, since more movement will only make it worse faster... I'd stop driving it until you weld it or replace it, I'd recommend replacing it if you aren't comfy with fixing it yourself.

inconvenience isn't worth dying or killing someone else over, get it fixed.

Sorry guys,...I didn't mean to make out that way! I was just pushed for time since its my DD and didn't want to have the truck down for too long! :(
Trying to save up my annual leave for when I actually do the SAS. ;) :thumbsup: :D

Because of this, my wife and I have agreed to make the SAS on a "higher" priority list, which means that she agreed that I git-r-done by any means necessary! :thumbsup:

About the bracket... Well I ended up going the same route what sn0wborder88 had mentioned, I jacked up the beam and bracket so that the crack was real minimum and welded that sucker together. I will be keeping a watchful eye on the weld as well as any other strange driving motions! Thanks for all your help guys and also for keeping my ass in check! :thumbsup:

BTW: I just put in my order for my 36x13.5 IROK radials with the rock crawler 97 series wheels. I will be picking them up at 4wheelparts on Friday!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :D