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Superpower Steering

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August 25, 1999
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I figured I would just start a new thread, considering its taken me this long just to get to this point:confused:

Heres the rundown:
Last time out wheeling, steering box decided to regurgitate on the trail. Kept doing so the rest of the day up until I made it home. Decided it was time to go bigger and better.

In comes the AGR Steering Box:

And since I was already in there for that, I figured I might as well just go all the way with everything new.

Next is the AGR Steering Pump:

I got new hoses and a cooler also. Still have to order the steering shaft. The stock bracket had to be trimmed a tad:rolleyes: to accommodate the new pump, and I also drilled new holes. Reason being is that the top of the pump would have interfered with the AC compressor if I had attempted to get the holes on the pump to line up with the holes in the bracket. But I am confident it will work spectacularly.

Though I think I trimmed a little more than I needed to:p:

When I mounted the pump, they supplied a "plate" which I bolted to the front of the bracket for added strength.

And here it is all together:

Tomorrow I will get it installed. I would have done so today, but I left my freaking cooler and hoses back at home:mad:

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that is a pretty nice writeup. make sure you are as detailed with the pictures during the install. this is a job that would scare away a lot of home mechanics, but i think you can change some minds....

The only part that was really difficult was grinding the bracket down. I knew it was going to have to be done, it even specifies on AGRs website that the stock bracket would have to be modified, but once I started, it wasn't bad.

I am just really really ready to get this thing done so I can see how it handles! The last piece I need is the steering shaft, which will be coming from Flaming River. But I am also upgrading my computer at home, so I have to pay that credit card bill first:D

Very nice, I'm glad to see that AGR is doing well. I think that is who I bought my Saginaw box and pump from in 1988 for my Ranchero. I'd like to get a Saginaw pump in my 98 Mountaineer some day if possible. Regards,

Wow man, this is sweet. I planned on rebuilding my steering this fall, since it has a lot of slop and now needs to steer 37's. Now i can just follow your steps! keep us informed on how it goes

Thus far it has gone really well. I got the pump installed today, and that went good. Once I got bolted in, I noticed that the pulley sits just a tad farther out than the compressor pulley does. Though I do not believe that will be an issue at all, as it all looked good once I got the belt put back on. I forgot to snap a pic of that though, so I will do that next time.

You can see the pulley alignment here

And here you can see why I drilled the extra holes for the pump. If it were to be turned upward anymore, it would hit the compressor. The only thing that bites is the AC line runs right across the top of the pump cap. However, there is enough play in the line to allow me to get the cap off. Though I will have to use a hose or a turkey baster to put fluid in the pump.

Now I just have to mount my fluid cooler so I can then install the steering box, then order the new shaft. Which can only happen after I get the money for it!:confused:

Got a good chunk done today. :thumbsup:

I managed to wrestle in the steering box, which fit like a glove:

The lines also got installed. This was actually the hardest part because on the pump, the outlet on the pressure side is located in a different spot than it was on the stock pump. This completely changed how the pressure hose could be ran. And since the tubing is configured for the outlet to be in the stock location, it made it a pain routing the line. I ended up having to bend the tubing to accommodate the change:

You can see the clean, new, black hose on the right. Basically the pressure line is in an upside down U.

And heres the new cooler. I am not sure if I really like this location though. If I'd had enough hose, I would have mounted it on the back of my transmission cooler since I have a fan mounted to it. Then it would cool both fluids when I am on the trail.

Now all that is left to do is to get the steering box centered, which I forgot to do before I mounted it:( , install the pitman arm, get the fluid in and burp the pump, and I will probably be running the stock shaft for the time being. I want to get the Explorer all clean and not as disgusting. As you guys can tell from the pics, thats another task in and of itself:eek:

Nice write up... What was the overall ballpark cost?

Steering Gearbox from Jegs: $291 ($110 cheaper than Summit, $100 cheaper than Autozone!!)
Steering Pump from AutoZone: $228 (they were by far the cheapest)
New Lines from Autozone: $32
Fluid Cooler: $43

So a little under $600, which I don't think is too bad considering that is replacing every component of your power steering. Except for the steering shaft.

Well I hit a snag today. When I centered the steering box, the splines on the pitman arm shaft were not where they needed to be. When I mounted the pitman arm, it put the steering far to the left.

If the steering was centered, it put the gearbox at full lock to the right. I don't know if there is an adjustment to the box that I can make, or if I will have to seek out a different pitman arm or get it re-toothed.

I will call AGR and see if they can offer any advice. Any other ideas?

just adjust the whole rest of the truck to the right. duh.

Haha yeah, that never crossed my mind.:rolleyes:

I don't believe its that simple. The pitman arm is too far to the left for the slack to be taken up by adjusting the tie rod ends. At least from what I could tell anyhow, I didn't have the time to get into attempting it, that will have to wait till another day.


Well after almost two months of debating on what to do, I found the answer last night. I came across this company called BulletProof Steering, and they make pitman arms. Today I called and talked to the guy there, and when I hung up, I had an order for the pitman arm that I need:D He said it takes about a week for them to turn one out, but I should have it possibly by next Friday, if not the following Monday. Back on track!:bounce:

Woo! I got everything done awhile back, I figured I would post an update:D

The vehicle is wobbling (separate thread!) terribly now, but it steers great! I need to adjust the static mesh load, I believe thats what it is called, as the steering wheel does not want to center itself. Its funny though because there is still just as much slack in the steering wheel as there has always been:confused: The only part I did not replace is the steering shaft, which I still plan on doing, so maybe that is where some is coming from.

Now I just need to take it wheeling to see if I can tell any big differences.

Well let me commend your efforts. I may be looking at an AGR pump for my 98 Mountaineer later when I need to get 8-ribbed pulleys on. The available PS pumps and pulleys don't swap easily, the Saginaw units are the best. Regards,

Your slack is coming from the steering shaft. I had to replace mine. There are these rubber deals on the shaft that wear out and then the shaft has major play

I am really satisfied with the AGR stuff, I just wish I would have gotten an AGR sticker from them:p: And the pulley was a hellbeast to remove, but I got er done...

Yeah I noticed the rubber "bushings" in mine were pretty cracked. I DETESTED putting it back in since every other thing in there is brand new. And I have a body lift, so there is also a shaft extension in the line that I would love to get rid of which I think will also help reduce the play.

I have been very happy with it. The only issue that has arisen is that the pump itself sits more at an angle than it is supposed to, so I am having issues with fluid getting pushed out around the cap. I kind of figured this was going to happen, but if I had ground the bracket down more to make the pump a little more upright, I would have ended up eating into the strong parts of the metal.

That and I figure with things the way it is I should be fine sticking with the stock steering if and when I decide to go solid.

I still have yet to get a new steering shaft, been busy working on other small things that pop up (my brakes as of two days ago:mad:) and wrapping up unfinished side projects.

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To prevent fluid spilling and expand volume, some people extend the filler neck up with a large diameter tube and hose clamps. Kinda ghetto but it works. I've seen this I think on PBB. If the "can" is metal, you could always "raise" the filler but cutting it at the neck and welding a sleeve steel tubeing over it thats bent at a slight angle so its vertical.