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Superwinch lockouts on.

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all i see is the flag...

How hard was it??? How much for parts??? Where did you get them???

sorry, i was trying to put up some pics.

I bought the Superwinch hubs w/spindle nuts from summit w/lifetime warr. to replace the crapped-out autos. I wanted to try out the superwinch lockouts since their kinda new plus comes with lifetime warr. so what the hell.

The only hard thing was getting those damn 'keys' out from the org. axle nut. Other than that, it was a piece o cake!

And the work great so far(fingers crossed:rolleyes: )


these pics are crappy since i only had my phone

repacked the bearing cause it was in good shape

new spindle nuts on

all together

I could be wrong but that doesn't look like wheel bearing grease.

Looks like motor assembly grease... would that be better or worse? I suspect it could handle the pressure and high heat just as well as the wheel bearing grease... just cost more...

Looks good though... I've got the stock manual Warn lockouts... I don't plan on switching them unless I'm doing an axle swap, but that doesn't look to be in the books anytime soon...

Where did you get them at??? And how much were they???

Yeah, My dad is a mechanic on semi s and LARGE equipment and they use it on their wheel bearings and he says it last longer. He gave me some for my ex. and i think it will do just fine.
The hubs i got from and cost 169.99 plus the axle nuts.

just go solid.