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Survived the Rubicon!


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July 14, 1999
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Some of us ran the Rubicon last Wed-Fri, as you may know.;)

Here's a thread for trip pics and stories.

I'll have some of both later today.:rolleyes:

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Who all went with you guys?

Pics are sooooo over rated.


Let's see..

I scared Anthony to death, and I gave Brian K a wedgie ride in the zuk. :)

I got back this afternoon with Fakrwee truck. He has a power steering leak that made his truck a little hard to steer on the way back. Tom will be coming home tommorrow (Mon.) I'll let him tell you guy's the story.

Thank's again to Brian K. for driving his truck down to Roseville and the hosptial. That save me and Tom's wife a 6 hr. extra drive.

Hey Tom, is that what you call nearly rolling over backwards for my first time in the Zuk?? Was a fun first ride. Had a great time!

LOL, sounds like you guys had a blast. Sure sounds better than what I did this week :( Good new is Char starts her new job tomorrow :bounce:

yes tom i was F R E A K E D! ledges and me and the sammy just dont mix! but it was adventures,dont think i,ll be asking for any rides anytime soon.thanks again tom.also it was great seeing everyone. take care all. anthony (aka baexploder). gee i hope i dont have nightmares or im calling you tom!!!!!!

I made it back, what a drive, whew! Will post writeup and pics in a couple of days.

I have new favorite trail! What an adventure! :bounce:

I posted a few words in the brought to you by the letter thread, but I will post the few pictures here.
Once again, thanks to all the guys for all the help you gave me getting through the "Con".
That was one tuff trail!:eek: :eek: But I liked it! :D
Sorry I don't have anymore pictures, but I was just too busy to take any more than that.
For those of you that are concidering on doing this trail.
Make sure you bring spares, there ain't no Kragens close to this place. If you don't have rock sliders, you will have body dammage.
Oh! There is one obsticle on the Big sluice where you go around a tree and through 2 big boulders, ask Anthony to describe how to get through it. It looks like you are going to end up with major body dammage getting through it, but there is a trick to it and you can come through it just fine.





I'd say you toasted that CV pretty good. Glad you had your spares!;)

that KO got KO'ed.....thats an expensive rip..........

Ouch. I had those KO's and they held up on all sorts of sharp rocks...that must have been a nice sharp edge to rip that sidewall..........was that Herc's tire?

Looks like fun. CV's are for Honda's :p

Glad you guys survived.......

It was my right rear tire, and it happened on the gatekeeper.

Oh yea the people who went:
Ray Lobato
Bill Collins (RangerX)
Gerald Jarrett (gjarrett) and Friend
Brian Kennedy (Bkennedy) and Family
Tom Davis (tdavis)
Anthony (Kiadog) Toms passenger

Ok you skally wags, where are the pics?? I'm jelous!!!!

The tire was Ray's; Herc is on 35" MT/Rs now.

What a ride. That's Ray's tire, and he blew it on Gatekeeper right out of the chute. We hadn't even hardly started, Tom Rios already broke his ankle, and Ray (the only one on 33's) was looking at doing the entire Rubicon without a spare since he couldn't use anyone else's 35" spares. I took great care when spotting for him during the rest of the run to keep his sidewalls off of another sharp rock.

Just how tough was the Rubicon and just how big were those rocks? Here's a teaser photo attached below until I post pics and a writeup in a couple of days. If I had walked the trail before we started, I would never have driven Herc through it. I still can't believe how well we did. My opinion of the ability of a built Explorer has grown beyond what I would have ever envisioned. We had great spotting and great driving the entire run, and the vehicles proved their worth by responding well.

That's me squeezing between that tree behind me and the boulder, as my rear tire goes over the big tree roots, it pushes the body towards the large boulder. That's Tom and Bill giving me a little push to keep from scraping my side against that rock. Ray


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Glade you guys made it out OK. :thumbsup:
Sorry to hear about your accident Tom. I hope your'e resting well. :(

Any of you guys got any tips for those who might want to try this trail?

I couldn't send any spies to take pictures, so I will have to rely on you guys to show us what it really looks like.
I did hear that the Rubicon was alot rougher than it has been in the past because of this years the run off. :smoke:

That place looks awesome! I wanna go! (one day when the bugs are worked out)....

Keep those pics coming;)

Originally posted by taxxman2k
That place looks awesome! I wanna go! (one day when the bugs are worked out)....

My #1 suggestion - don't go with someone you don't really know.

It can get bad, quick, and keeping going down hill on the Rubicon. That's the major reason it was by invite only. Knowing the people in the group helped in several areas - like when TomR did in his ankle.

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Sounds like it was a bit rougher then it has been in the past. Sounds like I need to get my junk running and head up there before it gets snowed in again :D