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susp lift question


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April 11, 2003
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1993 XLT
i just bought a 2.5 lift coils for the front and drop brackes........ i dont want to use shackles but i had already bought add a leafs..... someone told me i could get a monoleaf and do a SOA and it wouldnt give me the same amount as a leaf pack would... anyone heard of this or know any other way to lift the rear without using shackles?? please let me know

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I have a monoleaf SOA rear and it gave me about 3" or so. Here is a picture of it. (I have 2" spacers in front and the monoleaf SOA in the rear plus a 1" body lift, just FYI.) Plus it gives my truck quite a "rake" but if you like that sort of thing..........


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AWESOME thanks for the reply... you know anyone who has one they are willing to get rid of??? let me know

One thing to remember is that it softens up the rear A LOT. If you don't mind a "wavy" ride and a lot more of body roll in sharp turns then you'll be fine. You also won't be able to haul as much in the cargo area because of the single leaf.

aight thanks... what all would i need to do the rear that way?

New SOA perches and a monoleaf and a place to mount the shocks if your planning on keeping your rear swaybar. My shocks are mounted in the bottom holes of the sway bar mount to the axle. (I don't have a rear swaybar.) You'll also have to have someone weld the perches on if you don't know how to weld. Here is how mine is done.


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