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suspension for 91' x XLT


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February 19, 2012
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1991 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey everyone.

Firstly I'd like to say hey! I'm kind of a newb, I've done most work to my vehicles myself, I can usually put stuff back together If I took it apart.

That being said, I've never done suspension stuff. I just bought a 1991 exploder xlt from my buddy. damn nice truck, but its running all factory suspension and isn't the smoothest ride in the world.

Being that it's tax return time, I thought I'd spoil myself a LITTLE and upgrade the suspension and some new wheels.

So can anyone recommend an economical suspension upgrade for my truck, that'll make it a little beefier in the height dept.?

I put a kool vue muffler on it, sounds pretty beefy, and as soon as I figure out the suspension issue I'm going to probably roll with some 31's, pictures to follow.

Thanks again, and thank you in advance for what I'm sure will be very informative and helpful advice.


pictures to follow

*edit* here's my truck before i start the lift.

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i'd say get new oem leaf packs, warrior 153 shakles and 2" front lift springs.

Not that I'm trying to change your mind, that's a good way to go. It it effective and cheap.
However, Longer shackles will get you more articulation in the rear. At each shackle's mounting point acts as a pivot. So at each bolt in your shackle, you will get a little more pivot with the added length. It can make you more tippy with bigger lifts though.
BTW, I netted >2.5 inches lift from F150 front springs, F250 shock towers, and shackles for about that money. I can't remember exactly. I'll go back and see if I can find the thread.

What I need to get moving on is the Chevy 63" leaf swap. It's not bolt in, you have to move the front mount forward 5 or 6 inches. I've had the leaves for a while, just not the motivation. :)

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Okay. here's my shopping list.

leaf pack from 86' f150. have
Rancho RS999126 RS9000XL Series Shock. buying from gmanpaint
coil seats from 86' f150...didnt know i needed it, going back to the junkyard tomorrow.
ubolts to hold me leaf packs together and new center bolts.

Anything else you guys think i need?

>3 degree alignment cams or the adjustable ones that max @4 degree. Be sure it's the measurement for the 4wd. 2wd uses same cams, but they get more adjustment from them. So it says it's a 2.5 degree for 2wd, it will be more like 2 degree for 4wd. Moog makes some good stuff.