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suspension lift


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October 10, 1999
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I'm looking to put a 4 inch suspension lift on my 94 explorer. I visited my local off road performance center and they have a 4 inch Skyjacker suspension lift available. The price will be approximately 750 for the kit and in all 1200 with instalation. My question is, is this a good choice at a resonable price? If not I welcome any suggestions.


Be wary of the Skyjacker lift. There was a post about a month ago on this site that told a horror story of the the Skyjacker 4" lift and its associated problems, i.e. nothing fit right, Skyjacker would not stand behind their product and fix anything, etc.

All the feedback that I have heard about Skyjacker has been that occasionly they put out a decent product but if something goes wrong, they WILL NOT stand behind it!

My installer relates the same opinion that I have and he does a lot of lifts. He says that unless he absolutely has to, meaning there are no other choices, he WILL NOT install a Skyjacker lift.

I've talked to people who work at Superlift that used to work for Skyjacker (they are located in the same town), and they tell some pretty good horror stories also.

I think I am trying to say that I WOULD NOT recommend Skyjacker. I would look into Superlift since that is what I have currently and they are very good to deal with. I have had a few problems and they are working with me instead of against me.

Good Luck!