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Suspension mod


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November 25, 2007
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UK, Richmond, Surrrey.
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2000 Northface
HI guys and gals,
Just asking if anyone here has done a suspension mod to get rid of the torsion bars and leaf springs and change for coil springs and uprated shocks- is this even possible on our Exs- mine is a 2000 Northface UK edition- very like your limited I am led to believe.
I have so far done a torsion twist, 3 turns and a longer custom shackle lift at the back...I found the torsion twist really helped with the ride quality- the shackles did not so much to improve ride from the rear at all. I have new Energy suspension poly bushes for both sway bars and front drop links and rear links also. Running tires at 38psi.

Any ideas, pics, advice would be good- and thanks in advance.