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Suspension Question


December 14, 2012
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fairmont WV
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03 Ford Explorer LTD
quick question guys , do the 3ed Gen 4wd and 2wd Explorers use the same coil springs ? i have checked numerous parts store and it would seem the same part is listed for both the v8 - v6 2wd and 4wd versions of the Vehicle i ask this question because i wanted the 1.6 drop lowering springs by Groundforce which was listed as fitting 4wd & 2wd but they discontinued them, so i been looking in to other alternatives like belltech and the suspension source do some too but they all say 2wd only!! after checking with the suppliers they couldn't really give me an answer why this is!! so does anyone know if there is a difference between them and can i get away with using these springs ???:D

I am not sure of an answer. but wanted to just say hi. you live down the street I live in White Hall WV. but I would assume their probly different. I might be wrong. I also can tell ya that lowering a 4x4 is not recommended. your gonna run into driveshaft issue's possible. see this problem many times on jeep's etc. it puts the drive shaft @ such an angle if you where to say get on the gas hard breaks the u joints etc. but if ya need a hand with anything message me here. you can't be to far away from me if your in Fairmont.


but after looking @ some different parts store's , it does seem that the same part number is used for the 4x4 and 2wd. like you found. so on assumption then yes they must be.

hey im actually in kingmont so your closer than you think !! but yes i ordered the springs so i guess i will see what happens, i know of a few people that have lowered a 4x4 and not had any troubles so time will tell i guess, but its always useful to know local people!!
me and my wife both have explorers a 04 white v8 and a 03 black v6 both 4x4 limited models