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SVT Adrenalin concept vehicle

Trac Marks

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October 28, 2013
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There was a Ford & Shelby meet in Tulsa, OK this past weekend. The original SVT Adrenalin concept vehicle was there -- I would have figured it was scrapped and turned into 100 Fusion trunk lids by now. I didn't make it to the show personally, but here are some photos a friend snapped on Sunday 6/21/2015:





The original wheels/tires are displayed in front of the truck on a Hankook platform. They are 22 inch and look identical to the 18 inch production wheels on Limiteds.

This truck was sold in a R/M Southeby's auction in November 2014. Link below has better quality photos and its interesting to see the differences between concept and production. The final hammer price may surprise you:

Here is another auction from 2010, which indicates that the truck appreciated considerably. You low-mileage STA drivers really need to park 'em:

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That is a beauty. The price really is shocking but well deserved. I've been on the lookout for a local low mileage adrenalin.

Agree, but doubt it will see much road time. Nice big trophy though. ;)

That's crazy expensive for a non-streetable vehicle, but at least it's making public appearances.

I remember when that auction was originally mentioned here, and I imagined they'd have a hard time selling it - I guess I was quite wrong.

Different engines..much rather have the one sold in 2010 with the DOHC Cobra Engine!! :)

That's an insane Hammer price! $173,250.
Some People have to damn much bloody money!

Im sorry but even as much as I Love my truck and still think it's probably the best looking truck Ford has released in years, the concept is not worth that kind of cash. In my opinion of course.
Unless maybe the person that bought it had some sort of previous connection to it?
Maybe one of the designers?
Maybe the winning bidder was hitting the sauce real hard that day? Woke up the next morning and said to himself WTF was I thinking.

And why spend that kind of money to modify it with different wheels and display them separately? A customized concept?
The original wheels and tires on that truck were a big part of the design! They should be displayed on the vehicle. Not next to it.

I don't know, maybe it's me but for that kind of money the winning bidder could have probably purchased and modified a his and hers set from lightly used ones that would be street able. And had plenty of change leftover.

Anyway, if anyone is interested mine only has 32,000 miles on it and is up for sale at a bargain of a price at 60k.
I will even include the original air intake, valve covers and corroded stock wheels if I get the asking price :D

Edit: What's with the OU sticker on the back window? :eek: