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November 25, 2001
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SVT has a reputation for making some of the coolest vehicles on the road. why not expand that to the off-road?

The popularity of their F150 Lightning, the Mustang Cobra R, and the SVT Focus, has been noted across the united states. vehicles that everyone wants, but few have the wallet to support.

Most people believe that SVT means performance on-road vehicles. but doesnt SVT stand for "Special Vehicle Teams"?

so here is my proposal. build an off-road vehicle. Ford built an SVT Ranger designed for the off-road in the Phillipenes, but it wouldnt last in the states. 92 horse diesel engine, and the front end looking like a shrunken F250 is not what appeals to the average American.

so why not take an Explorer and make it into a fully capable off-road machine, straight from the showroom floor to the trailhead.

build an Explorer with dual solid axles, dual ARB's, lifted a few with major flex, fiberglassed fenders, and 33" Pro Comp X-terrains (or other tire. i would assume this tire because of decent off and on road performance).

toss in a blown V8, Atlas II T-case, and a durable transmission (a turbo 400 maybe?).

what do you guys think? spread SVT's successfulness from serious road rockets to rock crawling monster's.

maybe even custom fab a fiberglass front end clip with HID lighting?

think something like this would be as appreciated as the Lightning or Cobra R? and you would rarely have to worry about soccer mom's buying the rig, given the trend of SVT vehicles, this thing would peak 40 to 50 grand. maybe even hook it up with a CTIS type of thing to air down, and re-air up the tires before and after a trail run. whatcha think?


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Ya think it'd be appreciated, cause ya got the off road mind set. When it comes to the public, streetable vehicles are much more marketable... Offroad trucks aren't.... I believe the ranger has the FX4 package now, and the F150 also has a slightly geard towards offroad package...

yes, the ranger does have the FX4, but its no where near what SVT could do. ive been thinking about an SVT Ranger (not the crappy mini F250 from the pines)

im thinking FX4 - dual ARB's, Solid axle, 31's are fine, beefed up steering, fiberglass fenders, huge flex of the suspension, keep the bilsteins. bigger alternator, stock brush gaurd, stock PIAA fog's/driving's, stock ass-hole lights, stock flush mount electrical tonneau (less hassle in the winter and whatnot), power rear ex-cab windows, maybe a power down sliding rear window (like some suburbans and whatnot have)

you cant tell me that you have seen more Lightnings, Cobra R's, and SVT Focus's running around than you have seen Off-road (true off-road) vehicles around. i have seen 1 lightning (around me), 3 Cobra R's (maybe one was a GT with Cobra R rear valance), and 0 SVT focus's. ive seen several 4-runners, explorers, and F-150's running around ready to tackle the great outdoors.

and for clarification, the F-150 FX4 is a discrace to the FX4 badge name. its a terrible package with most of the stock FX4 Ranger things, being optional. pfft.

sure not true in phoenix. i see at least 6 svt vehicles every day. 2 lightnings and 3 cobras and 1 focus just in my parking ramp and that doesn't include my "svt" explorer. and there are no offroad vehicles. if i ever venture to leave my ramp at my dorm you can't drive around the block without seeing a contour cobra or lightning

I dunno about you, er where ya live, but when at school in a mainly farming town, of 18,000 I see quite a few... then when I go home, the trendy burbs of Chicago, SVT's aren't that special, cause they're all over. Of course, I haven't seen a Focus, but really wouldn't care... Sure, I'd love an SVT of any kinds.... dunno bout that focus, but, they're a fairly common vehicle from where I'm from... and trust me, this debate has gone on many times on the board.... but with the best interest in ford to make as much money as possible, it's just not gonna happen.... as much as we wish... I think alot of threads come up as "jeep eater" thread... er something along those lines... Should the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon go into production as speculated... I think they'll be doin pretty well fer the off roadin side... Although they're expected to be pricey, to my knowledge... With what Ford SVT would charge fer a vehicle they made, it'd probly be cheaper to do it on yer own...

so no one would be intrested in an SVT Explorer? i mean, for the cost of building up a decent CJ-7 loaded with goodies, you could get a decent Explorer built by SVT to tackle on and off-road. right?

with the CJ, it would be a pretty strict off-road warrior.

i thought most of you would appreciate this. what about an SVT sport trac, lowered and go-fast goodies, like the Lightning, only, not.

a 13 second Sport Trac with the handling of a Lightning, plus your cargo room, that'd be pretty trick.

one hell of a ski-wagon.

that is the wont make a cool ski wagon... all their skiwagons now make them big$$$$$$ the few who would by the prototype Ford EX wouldnt justify retooling everything to make a very limited edition vehicle....