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Swain's Project Hex

My name is Chris, but I go by my last name, Swain. Actually in real life I go by SwaintaN (half swain, half evil/Satan). Got my 93 XLT back in 2006. Bought it for 800.00 knowing there was a few problems, but the few turned out to be A LOT more!!
This is pretty much what it looked like when I got it (even though taken 2 years later)

Since then I have started body works; also shaved rear emblems, side trim and removed pin stripe, done a lot of other odd and ends to it.

So I came up with the label, Project HEX cause im seemed hexd :rolleyes: it seem like I fix one thing, something else will go wrong lol!!

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Before/After of rear shaving

This is the before shot

This is the after shot

Guards are on, chrome sides of the window, shaved emblems, and you can see the new muffler system, with the pos tip.

Center Console Ext

This is the center console extension, cleaned carpet, there is hidden 3.5" in the extension, two cup holder to fit XL Taco Bell Cups, ran the wire for the Wifes 80 G Ipod, plus w/e to be added later on.


Last Week with coil spacers

This is what it looked like for about a week, with coil spacers installed


they came off due to inflation of alignment price, by triple! Redo at tax time with leveling springs.

nice x u got there keep up the good work

u got pics of ur hids at all

the headlights, no i just used super whites from eBay the housing needs cleaned/ well new bought so u can tell i have them in there.... (is that what you were talking about, lol, the bulbs)

I believe you can do a swap to 9007 bulbs for better lights. (9007s are what us 2nd gen's use.)

Honestly, I would do both.

Why haven't you moved to HIDs? 3x more light (depending on which K temp) and less power consumption.

For sure, hard times right now. $$

Might be something you want to look into though someday, you can't beat the light output from HIDs.. and everyones halogens look so yellow afterward.

We installed a Rough Country 4" Lift, still have the 31s, will get me some 33s within a few months. Still have Warrior Shackles in the rear. Have ProComp Extended Steel Brake Lines in front and rear. Skyjacker Extended Front/Rear Sway bar links, upgrade the sway bar bushings to Red Polyurethane, also have 2" Round Polyurethane Bump Stops connected to the Bump Stop Drop.

However, we did run into problems while doing this kit, not with the kit, but other places. Fuel filter went right in with no problems, o2 Sensor on drivers side with no problem, o2 Sensor on passenger side... snap crackle and pop when trying to take it off, so that is holding up the alignment, plus found out the hose for the PCV was to short, so I have to get a new hose before putting on the new PCV.

why didn't you shave your rear wiper as well?

i'm gonna end up gettin another hatch since i broke a bolt head off on the driver side of the hinge (i wanted it tight) and the nut INSIDE the passenger side of the hatch busted a weld so it just spins now. my next hatch i'm gonna shave the third brake light, key hole, emblems, and wiper. then i'm gonna install a license plate box into the bottom passenger side of the gate.

im gonna do a French style with the licesnce plate prob in the summer, put it sideways on the gate on the driver side, i still use the rear wiper is why i didnt shave it, but i do want to shave the third brake light.

just an update

Update of more things done. Skyjacker Extended Sway Bar Links (bad bushing, need to contact them) and 2nd tranny line cooler... keep the tranny in good shape!



lol needa get a better pic of the links

EDIT: Heres the better pics
Here are the Sway Bar Links and the Steering Stabilizer

The finished up 2nd Tranny Line Cooler

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i think you will need to keep the third brake light for legal reasons. i could be wrong though, check with your local state inspection station.