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swap 2wd auto to manual, 4wd?


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March 23, 2009
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1993 XLT 2WD
I'm sorry if this has been covered before but I couldn't really find much information on this.
I have a 93 XLT, 4.0 OHV with the A4LD, 2wd.

-Is it possible to swap the trans for a manual, like the M5OD R1 and convert it to 4wd?
-Am I going to have any issues with inspections (insurance, smog etc)?
-Price approximation?

Thank you for any help!

Ok so I think I found the answer. Basically I need to get an M50D with transfer case from a 4wd ranger or explorer and then do the 4wd conversion from there. If I'm not mistaken I can drop the A4LD and simply bolt up the M50D and transfer case and stay 2wd until I can get the funds for 4wd conversion? Can someone please correct me if I'm wrong? Can I still use the driveshaft thats in there for now? Thanks for any help