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Swap 5R55E for new 6R automatic


December 10, 2007
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Fremont, CA
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2004 Exploder XLS
I have an 04 Ford Exploder XLS. 2WD, 4.0. The truck currently has 110K miles and a slipping transmission. I want to put a new tranny non-rebuilt. I don't know much about swaps. But if the bell housing of v8 and v6 are the same then a 6R tranny should mounting to the back of the engine. The tranny PCM/ECU should be compatible with the V6.

My question is to the transmission mounts and drive shaft? Particularly the drive shaft length and how it connects. My assumption is that is should fit? but would like to get some input from the community ;)

If the housing is different for the 5R55E, then is the transmission housing different for v6 and v8?