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swaping my 2003 4.0 SOHC into the 94 rolling chassis, NEED ALL THE INFORMATION

hey all, so my mind has been going back and forth on this as well as my parents saying sell this piece...but then my mind going back and forth..and i still wanna do this project i think? :( ahahah

but i need ALL the information before i even start this thing (and now im in school, so thats good, means i definatelly cant do it now)

but the truck is on the market, so if it sells, obviously i wont do this, but if it doesnt, i wanna get this swap done..


what i have:
i have a 2003 4.0 SOHC 5 speed ext cab 4x4 with 31 inch tires that is supercharged, yadda yadda...basically just a built motor with the charger that i wanna swap out.

what i want:
i want to put (ABOVE MOTOR) into a 1994 ford ranger (XLT? i think) rolling chassis 2wd,reg cab, 25 inch tires, you get the idea :) the motor before i got the truck was a 2.3 turbo..but he said he didnt customize any of the body or frame, he customized all the **** he put in.

ALSO what i want:
after i have swapped out this ABOVE MOTOR, i would like to put a stock 4.0 back into my 2003 truck to get it running for the parents. (its a nice truck, dont want it sitting around...)

now..i have talked to a few people on what could be done for this and such, but this is what i have gathered so far...im missing a BUNCH but ya

-engine bay wiring is still in the truck, as well as dash wiring. BUT as i have been told that would be a ***** to mix and match with the 2003 wiring for the SOHC, so rewiring the whole thing would probably be the best option

-someone informed me that the 4.0 engine mounts are just rivited in, and you can pop those out of a 4.0 and put them into the 94 and that should solve that problem.

-T5 transmission can be used behind the 4.0 if something else is done? some adapter plate i think? (CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG). the only reason i looked into that is because its hard to find a m5od-r1hd 2wd model...much easier to find t5's


so for me, plug and play is always the best..yaa for sure this is no plug and play..but im worried about the wiring of the 1994.


what is the best way to get about this if i really want to get it done sometime.
im thinking if i got a wrecked ford ranger with a 4.0, then i could use ALL of that wiring into the 94, and then use the engine in my 2003 ford ranger to put it back to stock

the only problem with this that i see (and im not HIGHLY educated) is what year WRECKED ford rangers could i get....

I.E can i put a 2004 motor into my 2003 ford ranger (with all the 2003 factory wiring) and have it run?

I.E can i get a 2001 WRECKED 4.0 SOHC and use every bit of wiring on that with my 2003 S/C motor? (in the 1994 ranger)

bottom line, are these different years compatable wiring wise? or would i have to get a 2003 ford ranger 4.0 SOHC wrecked ?

there is probably a bunch more, but start piling your opinions and concerns and crap, just wanna have everything in ONE place when i go to possible do this swap