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swaping to a 4.0 SOHC engine from the ohc engine ?'s

Is it possiable to take the 4.0 ohc engine out of a 94 sport, & replace it with the newer Higher HP 4.0 sohc engine? Is it an easy swap? direct bolt in? I guess I would need the computer also? What tranny can I use. Will the 94 Mazda 5 speed be good. Will the 4X4 work still? etc.....

Sorry buddy, this has been covered before and found that it would be cheaper to do a 302 conversion...

If you want more power, save a lot of time and hassle - bolt on a supercharger!


If I find a relatively cheap rebuilt to drop in my '01 Ranger, I'll sell you my 4.0L SOHC with any harnesses/PCM that I do not need for the swap. The main reason I'm going to do the V8 is I need the low end torque for pulling a 15' livestock trailer and I have always loved the purr(GROWL) of the V8. Also, anyone who can send me in the right direction as to what would be a better(actually less operative) swap... 4.6L would bolt up to my tranny with no mod but it is about 11" wider than the 302. The 302 would mean new bellhousing if I wanted to keep my 5spd auto but then will the tranny be able to take the power sufficiently?