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Swappin headlights for Hellas?

K so here's an idea I had and I want some feedback.
I was thinking about replacing my stock headlight assemblies with either Hella 450s or 550s. Since I work for Blade-Tech Industries making thermoplastic shrouds to cover the open areas would not be a problem. And I'm not concerned about losing my high beams. Also concidering fog or driving beams? Thinking fog might not go out far enough. So I was thinking driving beams and point them into the ground within say 50ft... I'm just tossing the idea around and fishing for feedback!

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IMO, ain't gonna work. Fogs & driving lights are only supplements to the headlights. Using them as the only source of light is going to produce a lot less light.
You can change to 9007 bulbs & a harness and gain more useable light. I found some good info on the mod thru google when I did this mod on my sons Chev. Venture.

I have the 500 driving lights (round ones) and they're bright enough to drive by...
The 9007s will fit in the stock assemblies? I was kinda trying to get away from the crappy Ford assemblies but if switching to 9007 gets you that much more useable light then I might try it...thanks for you input.

I dont remember where I found the info for converting 9004 to 9007.
Basicly you have to switch a couple of wires on the headlight plug and mod the bulb holder. It gives you 10 more watts.

Hmm thanks may look into that...

you can buy fog lenses for your hella 500's and use then to supplement your low beams.

that would give you more of the usable light you need.

9004/9007 filaments run in different directions 9004-transverse, 9007-axial.

The reason I was gonna upgrade is I need to replace the driver side module ANYWAY and thought I might just make the system better all the way around...but maybe I'll just put a new OEM one on and add to my aux lighting array.