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Swapping a 95-96 4.0 v6 into a 1991 Explorer

The stock block/engine in my truck is the 90TM-AB casting. In 95/96 the block was changed to the 95TM-AB casting. The only changes that I have found is that there are two additional bolts in the block. Has anyone performed this swap or could someone shed some light on the feasibility of doing this?
1. Would I have to change motor mounts?
2. Tranny would have to be swapped I take it?
3. Would I need to swap the radiator, computer, etc?


The wiring on the 91-94 engine does not match the 95-96 wiring. You would have to take all the wiring and sensors off your old engine, and put them on to the new engine. I looked in to this already. Youll notice that right from the start, all of the main wiring connections to an from the engine and computer are all different than the 91-94 wire connections. I believe that the 95-96 computer setup is not seperate from the rest of the explorer wiring like it is on the 91-94. You'll need a second opinion on this though. A different transmission was used, I don't know the compatibility though. The Radiator and Motor Mounts should be fine though.