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Swapping Bodies

'97 V8

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April 2, 2005
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ft. knox ky
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'97 mounty 5.0 4x4 baby!!
Lets talk about whats involved in doing this. I have a 97 Mountaineer. Will swapping the body for a 98 newer vehicle be an issue? I understand i would probably need to swap my GEM but what other work would be needed?

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Shouldn't be bad if you stick to your old wiring harness and steering column...

I have done this. It's suprisingly easy. I had the body off in four hours.


It would be a ton easier if you had a two-post lift to use.

Things I remember:

- Remove body bolts
- Unplug tail light connectors
- Remove fuel filler neck
- Unplug transfer case harness
- Remove e-brake connection
- Remove Transmission shifter connection
- Remove steering shaft
- Unplug body harness
- Unhook or remove radiator/hoses
- Deal with AC compressor
- Unhook the three brake lines from the ABS unit


- License plate lights

what about different body years like the pats? Also is the harness different from the 4.0 and 5.0?

That's something I know nothing about. If it were me I would probably swap your hold body harness into the new body. But I have no idea how much of a project that would be.

Maybe 410Fortune will know more about the pin-outs of the different harnesses.

the underhood harness is completely different-
you'll need your old:
complete engine Harness
complete transmission harness
ignition switch
Pats Module

I think the body harnesses will be similar

the 98 may have EVAP differences-fuel tank sensors-

i would put a new front end on my 01 sport but i dunno what front end i would put on it though


u thinkin of putting a diesel engine in ur mountaineer

i wouldnt mind have a turbo diesel engine on my explorer

yo colin hows it going man long time no talk i never see u on aim anymore

Keep this thread on track sam -- stick with the swapping bodies on 97 V8's vehicle.

I would definitely try to stay with a 96 or 97 body. That way PATS won't be an issue.

well lets blow the dust off this. I ended up finding a 97 mountaineer that blew its rear end for 300 bucks. Bought it and will be doing the swap early august. I'm excited about this becuase i want to drive the mounty on the street again and go wheeling.

There will be a few changes though. Truck will be getting coil overs, body lift will be removed as well and the rear will have a new spring pack. I want to try and get this thing to have a 1-2 inch lean in the front compared to the rear.