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swapping for 4.10 gearing

sc4wda XLT

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December 3, 2001
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'92 XLT
ok heres what i want to do. I recently got a lockright and have to reset my rear 3.73 LSD gearing to an open diff. since the cost of regearing is about $200 i wanna do something different. i know 4.10's are available in the 8.8 but dont know if they were available W/O the traklock and i think the front was only available with 4.10's in the D23. i wanna swap out both ends from a junkyard but dont know if i can get 4.10's for my 92. can someone please clarify if 4.10's are available W/O traklock in rear and in a D35 front.

Not for me to say but, get a set of open diffs from the junkyard and install the lock rights (or whatever), mount the gears and then install units in your housings.
The open diffs will probably be cheap.

Note: The from end in your vehicle is a D35 not a D23 and the rear end, just for grins, is an 8.8; Unless someone has done some work on your vehicle.

Or maybe, just maybe, you have one of the EXtra-'X'Special units that came with the D23 fronts diffs and the 7.5 rear. (Just joking)

Good Luck on your hunt,

well thats what i was gonna do at first but with the cost of regearing with the open carrier it was cheaper for me to just swap the wole axle out for a 4.10 if they mdae one open. but i dont think ford ever did. its ok though. ill get this figured out. its all money

The axle code for an open 4.10 8.8 is 42. Also, if the junked axle you're looking at still has the diff tag, it'll have 'L' in the numbers if it has the factory LS.