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Swapping out sun visors to lighted ones... no wire???


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June 21, 2009
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South Florida
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2002 Explorer Sport 4x2
Hey guys,

I read a few threads that talked about swapping out my NON lighted sun visors, to ones that have lighted mirrors on them (and consenquently a Home Link as well). I read in a few of them that it said that ALL Ford Explorers should already have the leads necessary for installing them and providing power. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear as though my car came with the harness necessary for me to simply plug in my sun visors.

It's probably not a HUGE deal, I mean, I can probably just disconnect the center overhead console and wire it to that... but I'm just wondering if maybe there's a factory harness I can buy so I don't have to do any wire cutting?

This is on my 2002 Ford Explorer Sport

(Admins, before you move thise, please note that this forum says for all 01+ Sports to post in here, so don't move it, thanks!)