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swapping out the EATC


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April 24, 2007
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fresno ca
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96 EB
i have a 96 eddie Bauer and it has the digital EATC controls, it finally died completely, i was wondering if i can switch it out with a different one? the one i need is expensive, for me at least, but i found one that is cheaper, it's the same thing, the only difference is on mine where it says "rear fan off" this one has the button "outside temp" other then that it's just the same, i really don't care too much about the rear fan, but i was wondering if this would work as well? it has all the same connectors in the back that my current one has

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Id say if you want to try it go ahead, but I would think that even though the outside is almost the same, the inside may be a bit different.
If it was me I would just get the right one.
Also what are the symptoms of it? Are you sure that is your issue?

first off, the compressor would not turn on, found out it was because the solder on the relay was old or whatever, found this in another thread, i fixed it once before a while back, but alas, didn't want to work this time, and just for good measure, i have checked all other possible issues, also the digital display is no longer working, has not been for a while, i think that was due to a solder problem as well because when i used to play around with it by kinda bending the board it would come back on
anyways i would rather not spend 100 bucks or more on another one

You may know this, but the blower motor resistor units are different for the EATC and manual controls. I cannot say for certain that the EATC resistor will not work but I would not be surprised if it did not.