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Swapping trans, what extras should I do?

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October 27, 2002
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Brownstown Twp, MI
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'01 Sport 4x4
The transmission in my '01 Sport 4x4 has been slipping for a few months and now sprays fluid out the front. I could only manage 30k between rebuilds on the original 5R55E trans, so decided to just replace it this time. Never did anything extra to help it though, except firming up the shifts with the Xcal2. The new trans I got only has 11K miles, but I still want to take care of the known trouble items so it'll last awhile.

Things I plan to do so far (not in any particular order):

*adjust bands (tighten stud 10ftlbs, back 2.0 turns, then tighten nut 35-45ftlbs)
*install new EPC solenoid with new BW part
*torque VB bolts (71-97 lb-in)
*new trans pan gasket
*new trans fluid filter
*add inline trans fluid filter
*add trans temp gauge (haven't decided which one yet or where to put it)
*flush old fluid from trans cooler and lines
*add drain plug to trans pan then repaint pan
*paint trans (maybe if I have time)
*fill trans with synthetic fluid

Any other suggestions?