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Sway Bar Bushing Replacement

I will say that changing the bushings in these makes a world of difference after i replaced mine with some from the packer norris parts store near me it rode a **** ton smoother on the highway. bumps didnt feel like they were gonna send me off the road neither. the new ones i got were poly or something similar but they dont squeak. very nice.

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This is gonna sound like a stupid question and i have heard a ton of different things about it. But here it goes anyway, Does the 98 Sport Have a rear Sway bar because i changed the bushings in the front and i dont know if the rear has em and if i need to replace. also how did new bushings bump your ride height up that much? lol mine didnt do that.

I can only surmise that the since the links were so eroded and worn down, replacing them increased the distance between the lower control arm and the upper mounting position, which in turn raised the ground clearance? It was not expected at all so I don't really have an explanation. I only wanted to end the noise of metal impacting on metal on bumpy surfaces. But as soon as I completed one side and bolted the wheel back on, I immediately noticed the difference.

yea i didnt even take my wheel off when i did mine. didnt have too honeslty. it only took me a half hour to do both sides. your links might be longer than mine thats a good possibility cuz i just went with stock-ish ones. they were an improved model of the stock version instead of metal sleeves they had a plastic type sleeve and the nuts were coated with rubber or something.

Thanks for all the help on this thread! It took me forever to get this done today but that's because everything was so rusted together I had to use a dremel and cut the bolts out. Still worth it when i saved $75 from taking it in.

One question though. When I go to put the final torque on the nut, would this be wise to do while it's still lifted or do it after it back down? I ask this because it seems like the stabilizer bars are at a little bit of an off angle when it's jacked up. Thanks.

I usually have all 4 wheels on the ground when I tighten the end links. Don't know if it matters much though.

I checked it after putting it back on the ground. It was easier to check the slight "squishing" in the bushings that way. Handling is much improved, I'm really glad I found this thread.

i think i need new bushing too. just wondering because when i go over speed bumps i front end sqeaks !!! is this a sway bar bushing problem? please help!!!

Very well could be, to test.. spray all the mounting points with some WD40 and see if the squeak goes away.

sway bar end links

i was wondering if it would be a big issue if i used longer end links instead of the stock ones? i will be doing the TT after replacing.
thanks !!!:salute:

Depends on how much longer, and in all honesty.. it would barely make a difference at all unless you have a Huge TT.. if you lengthen them.. the sway bar position will be either in the same stock position, or higher... no matter what it's still leveling both of the control arms with each other.

The only reason I would get longer ones is if you have a huge TT that's too much of an angle for the end links.

do i need to greese up the new bushings?

do i need to greese up the new bushings?

need help car on lift!!!

does it mater if the nut is on the tod or bottom?

Doesn't really matter, put it wherever it'll be easier for you to get at.

Someone mentioned this on the previous page but no one ever responded. It seems as if my sway bar (and the other poster's too) is bent. When i replaced the driver side link, i had to move the swaybar down a little, but then on the passenger side i had to jack up the end of the swaybar to fit the link between the swaybar and control arm. Besides the swaybar being bent, the only other thing i can think of is the frame could be a little tweaked.

I replaced the links only a month ago and some of the brand new bushings were destroyed, or pushed over the washer that is supposed to keep them in place. There is unequal pressure being placed on either end of the swaybar links. The last time I got the type like the original poster of this thread got, but this time i got the OEM type of bushing. I'm curious, any ideas what's going on? Is it possible to bend the swaybar??

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Theoretically... yea.. it's possible.. I mean just look at the way it's used.... but damn.. you bent one? Wow.. they're pretty thick... easiest way to see if it's the sway bar that's bent is to just take it off.. and lay it on the ground... and look at it.... I Doubt your frame is tweaked... but who knows... I hope not... pop that b*tch off and see if one end is hovering over the ground while the other rests..

After re-reading your post, other than a bent sway.. and a tweaked frame..... it could also just be the way your truck was sitting on the ground.. or even your torsion bars aren't even with each other.... but still.. go check it out n report back. =)