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Sway bar/end link not flush


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August 9, 2016
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Mount Vernon, WA
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2002 Sport Trac 4ws
Hey guys, new to the site.
Lately iv been having issues tracking down slight thunk in my floor boards over small bumps.
Truck is an 02 sport trac 4wd. TT and shackle lift.
First thing I did was replace my sway bar bushings and end links, lift torsion bars and shackles. short time later I started having an issue with small thunk in my floor boards. I replaced my position b body mounts thinking that was the issue... But I keep going back to my sway bar and end links. Mainly because it took me forever to get the end links properly snug. My passenger side end link top bushings don't sit flush on the sway bar... Driver side is flush. Could this be from improperly adjusted torsion bars??