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Sway bar end links and bushings need advice.


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November 20, 2008
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Roxana, Illinois
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I have a 2k exp XLT AWD 5.0. Daily driver.

Problem is that for the last 2 years i keep tearing up the upper sway arm bushing (the top one). I noticed that the OEM one had literally sheard the bolt off (no damage to the sway arm). I replaced it with a oem one and after about a year i was doing some other maitnence and noticed that the metal washer on the top side was gone, the bolt head was still there. The bushing itself was worn significantly. I have since preety much replaced everything on the front end (control arms, balljoints, tie rod ends etc). I noticed it seems to lean more when cornering.

Now the questions i have is would the sway arm bushings (oem non greasable) are in need of being replaced, but could these in turn cause premature wear on the end links? I have noticed there is noise over small bumps. The sway arm seems to be sticking, also i noticed the bushings are bulging out.

Also i am looking for the best option for all the bushings associated with the sway arm. This includes the sway arm bushings and end links. I have tried Poly and had issues. Name brands would be helpful and links if possible. I seem to think Moog would be best option. I am just on the fence.

Thanks in advance.

I think you should find out why this is going on so much. This is not normal. Has the truck ever been wrecked or do you suspect it has been? Check the sway bar and lower control arms carefully and see it they are bent. Check the mounts and make sure they are straight and secure. Something isn't right here...especially if you are tearing up poly bushings and ends.