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Sway Bar end links


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January 17, 2001
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1999 XLT
Has anyone replaced their stock sway bar end links with Energy Suspension ones with poly bushings?

Where did you get them?

What size did you use?



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Yes, I put mine on about a year ago. It took away all of the lean I picked up after my body lift and then some. They made a noticeable (for the better) difference in handling.

Do they make links for 91-94s? I can't find any if they do.

1st gen end links

Mine are "Moog" brand that I got a the local parts store. I'll get the part number and post it later.


I keep meaning to pick up some of these while I'm at Pep Boys but I'm not really sure what length to get and I keep forgetting to measure. :p

Anyone ever found swaybar end links with poly bushingsfor the rear bar on a 99.

I'm interested in the exact same items as you are. If you find out anything about the front or rear, please let me know too. I will do the same since I am researching part numbers for our 99's.

Here is what I found so far:
I went to the energy suspension and truckperformance websites and found what they offer.

They only list a FRONT sway bar bushing kit for out 99 Xs. It includes the two sway bar bushings and set of endlink bushings. The endlink bushings are the bushings only...the spacer rod, nut etc is not included. It appears we use the stock rod with the new bushings on the endlinks. I verified this with truckperfromanc.com and this is the setup they sell as well.
-The sway bar bushing diameter set for the 99's is 34mm in the front, and they give no dimensions for the end link bushings.
-They list no rear sway bar bushings from energy suspension.
-truckperformance.com does list a rear sway bar bushing set for the 99 model...but no mention of end links. The kits were about $25 each.

There are more options for earlier model Xs. Even 95-98 models have a few different items not listed for 99. I checked on their 'new item' area but still nothing new listed for 99.
Hope this helps some.

Al, I still don't understand why the ES rear end links won't work on your '99. I bought the rear end link bushings for my factory rear sway bar and they worked just as well on my Anco 7/8" sway bar. My sway bar came with the two bushings to mount it to the axle, but I had to reuse my end links. The bushings just go in place of the factory rubber busings in the end links.

My front ES bushings came with a new bar, nut and all bushings. My Anco front sway bar also included completely new hardware so I'm not using my ES front bushings now though.

I have the ES kit on both front and rear of my 97 X.
Im unsure if the kits is the same on the 99 but my front kit came with all bushings and link pieces(you discard old links in front) and in rear it was just bushings no links.


has them for $19.95 a set.

good luck

I just bought and put on yesterday the Energy Suspension kit for the front sway bar. Came with the frame mount bushings, new endlinks and bushings and grease. The only thing you reuse is the frame mounts and of course the sway bar. Good results too. I couldn't find anything for the rear though. The kit for the front cost about $40 cdn. Pretty cheap.

Just an update:
Summit has the 96-01 Explorer front sway bar bushing set made by Energy Suspension.
The set included the sway bar bushings and end link bushings. It is $28 AND naturally on back order??!!
The Summit # is: ens-4-5155

Bringing a thread back from the dead...

I've had some noise in my front end, thought it was shocks. I crawled underneath today to look at the suspension and found that the passenger side sway bar end link was completely sheared off and unattached. So I got the Moog replacement ones from work, and they look IDENTICAL to the ones Adlive attached the pic of. So I would say that the Energy ones are a waste of money, unless somebody can tell me differently. The Moog ones are part #K7275 and cost $14.99. I'm replacing both sides on mine tomorrow.

Here is a simple question.

I am guessing that you need to purchase two of the Moog PN# K7275 one for the drivers side and one for the passenger side.

The Moog PN # for the Sway Bar Bushing is K80082, I am guessing I also need two of those.

Let me know.