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Sway Bar Endlinks

Ok, problem...

Trying to install these. Of course, I couldn't get the nut on the top so I had to jack up the LCA to see some thread. Got the nut started, dropped it down, and now here's where I am. I haven't even tried to tighten it.

The bottom bushing is compressed, like this:


The bushing on top of the LCA looks like this:


And at the sway bar it looks like this:



Are these end links just not long enough? Or do I just need to start tightening it down? I'm just afraid that the bottom one already looks more compressed than I would have wanted when finished tightening.

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You should have both wheels on the ground, disconnect and remove both of the old endlinks, put one side in and sbarely start the nut onto the endlink. Place the other endlink in and do the same, tighten each side til yuo see the bushings start to get squeezed then back it off a quarter turn.

You should ahve about a quarter to a half in of threads showing.

Oh, didn't remove the passenger side too. On the ground, though. Be back in a bit, hopefully finished. Thanks Jerry.

The third picture I posted on the first page shows the endlink on mine and how much thread you should have showing.

As Jerry said, tighten the end links loaded, with both wheels on the ground.

If needed, loosen the sway bar frame brackets, pull the eyelets down, thread the nuts.

I never had it off the ground at all. Kept it loaded the whole time. I did jack the driver's side LCA up a little just to see some thread so I could get the nut on there. All for nothing, though. I just needed to loosen the frame brackets.

I couldn't find washers in my quick search at Home Depot, Advance Auto, or Tractor Supply on my way home from work today. I'm going to go by a local metal fabricator as soon as I can and have him make some washers to fit the bushings correctly and be thick enough to avoid the problems others have had.

Now, this is what I ended up with. I'm a little concerned about the driver's side bushing underneath the LCA. It seems a little too tight. What do y'all think?

Driver's side:



Passenger's Side:



I have to say, it drives a whole lot better. I thought it drove just fine before but this truck can actually take a corner now. The rear end actually wants to step out a little easier now. This is all good and dandy, but it's not why I did this project, though.

I've been chasing a clunking noise in the driver's side suspension. New LBJs, new tie rod ends, new endlinks, new sway bar bushings. Upper ball joints are good.

The R&P does have a slow leak and I've just been regularly checking and topping off the power steering fluid as needed until I can afford a new one and have time to replace that.

Is that likely the source of my clunking? It's only noticeable on bumps and only at some speed but it's still annoying. I'm going to try to upload a video tomorrow morning of the sound if I can get a good recording.

Thanks for all the help.

The drivers side bottom bushing is alittle tight, I toll and flattened out the sharp edges on those washers, they start to cut into the bushings and kill them. I just took a 5lb. hammer and hit the against the concrete a couple times to do this. You can also use a grinder. As far as the noise goes, check the torsion key pads, they have Kevlar pads in there and when they start to get worn out or totally fall out they'll make a thump sound, also check the r&p bushings they wear out too.

Wheh, found it. It was just the shock was loose at the LCA. I love easy fixes like that but I can't believe that's all it was and it took me this long to find it. I'm not doing too well with these things lately seeing as how for a few weeks I chased a squeak that was just the LBJ needed more grease. :banghead:

The truck rides great and is silent now except the rear sway bar bushings and end links. That's my next small project.

I'm still unsure what I need to do about that driver's side bushing under the LCA. If I loosen it, the bushings at the sway bar become separated and look like what I had in the first few pictures I posted. And even then, the lower bushing still looked too compressed.

As for the washers, thanks Jerry, I'll keep that in mind. I'm hoping to get over to get perfectly sized, strength and shaped washers made soon.

For the R&P, gonna start a new thread if I don't find what I need through searching first.

Cool, glad it was an easy fix, I absolutely hate noises I can't track down because you never know if it's something bad or something stupid that won't cause any issues. As soon as I hear a noise I have to try and track it down and fix it.