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Switched power question


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December 13, 2005
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'99 XLT 4X4 4.0 OHV Auto
hey guys, just wondering if there is any other switched power points i could use to wire up my cb/scanner/ etc. i know there is the Ignition wire behind the dash but i didnt wanna take the stereo out. could i use the fuse box? says in the book that fuse 30 is not used, anyway i could use that one? maybe tap into another fuse that has switched power (have to use bigger fuse im guessing tho) thanks guys. it also says fuse 20 is for radio, could u splice into that wire for switched power?

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Yes you can tap into that fuse, or any other switched line as long as you dont overload it. They even make fuse jumper blocks (dont know the exact term) that basically add fuses to existing ones.

which one 20 or 30? for 20 all i would so is pull the fuse box and splice into the wire on the back side and run the spliced wire to my desired place, reinstall fuse block, and add a bigger fuse, right?

yep just splice into the section before the fuse if you want to add your own, or after the fuse if you dont think your draw will overload it.

ok thanks, ill do that now, im not sure which i will do, a cb and scanner draw very little power, they both have inline fuses for each one so i will pry go before the fuse, thanks alot

edit: also, when i splice into that wire, would it matter what size wire i use? should i use something real big like 12ga wire? or smaller like 18? i think i have both sizes

Not sure about the 96 but you could check to see if the cig. lighter is switched. then it's just a matter of running a couple inches of wire.

Not sure about the 96 but you could check to see if the cig. lighter is switched. then it's just a matter of running a couple inches of wire.

nope its not, thats how i have both of them wire up right now is into the cig lighter and they are on all the time

If it draws very little power, and it's a short run you might get away with 18 gauge, but it's up to you..

3 ft of 18g, say 5 amp draw... you'll be looking at a 1.6% voltage drop at most. Use the 12g wire same conditions .41% voltage drop at most. Probably wont see any at all and the wire wont be stressed one bit.

well ran into a problem...cant get the fuse block out, i took the 3 bolts out but it only pulls out so far, like a inch or two....how do i get the block out?

lol thats a genious idea, except i already have my dash apart so ne sense of turning back now lol, i started takes pieces off the dash, which led to me taking the steao out, so i think ill tap the Igntion? wire for the radio? i think, ill check the other thred i seen a while ago

well i got it, tapped a wire coming off of a spare connector what wasnt used for my CD player, the wire tested ok (that it is switched) just gotta put everything back together, and wire up the CB and Scanner, thanks for the help guys, o and Bill, is there anywhere else u can get those? it dont show a price on that site

I've seen them at PepBoys and AutoZone. Maby Wallyworld?