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Sylvania Silverstars & Fogs Installed *PICS*

I have never been too impressed with the Headlamps in my 01' Explorer XLT and i really wanted to something brighter and whiter. I kept reading on these forums about the Piaa superwhites and the Sylvania coolblues. I heard too many people say the Piaa's arent that much brighter than stock so i coildnt justify paying the 65 dollars for them. I didnt want to to buy some Ebay "el Cheapo HID's either.. and have them fry my harness or burn out after 2 weeks. I remembered the Sylvania silverstars were just recently released but hadnt heard much about them. Well i went out and bit the bullet and bought some. The total came out to 44 dollars for 2 9007 Silverstars. Thats not too shabby.!
I must say, im very impressed with these bulbs. They arnt exactly cheap.. but they dont break the bank either. I noticed a large improvement over the stock bulbs. The light is very white, and not a fake blueish color, and they are very bright and light up the road well.
Here is a picture

I didnt stop at that though. I had also read about people trying to replace the stock fog lights bulbs in the late model explorers with something brighter. There was some talk about maybe using a 9005 bulb or an h3 or some stuff like that.. i didnt beleive that, so i popped mine out. Its close to something like a 9005 but smaller. i then looked at the bulb itself, it looks suprising like a H1 bulb. I pulled it out and sure enough it was an H1 bulb.. So i drove down to the local "performace shop" and picked up some of those euro XENON bulbs.. for about 20 bucks.. they are 75w bulbs compared to the stock 55w bulbs. The package says "Eurolite Xenon Charged" and the web adress is
I installed these and wow are the bright.. These arent exactly fog lights but they sure are bright!!! so basically i now have 2 sets of headlights and they cost about the same as getting 2 piaa bulbs.. woohoo!. These eurolight h1's get pretty hot, so it will be interesting to see how long they last....
But i guess that answers the questions of what bulbs can fit these late-model fog lamps.. and yep! H1's fit fine.
here is a pic of the headlights and fogs:

Overall im impressed with both. for the money i think its well worth it. I can see much better at night now, with or without the foglights on. Im not sure how the h1's will hold up. but im confident the Sylvanias will last a good long while. I will keep you updated
and just for the heck of it.. a pic of my explorer:

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i have the same light set up you do,except i have the 100 watt h1's from toucan. i have another set of philips +50 h1's from europe [standard 55 watt] to pop in as soon as these go or i get paranoid about high wattage.

do you have clear turn signal bulbs in your truck? i did that in my '98, i liked the look.

how is your truck equipted? sunroof, towing pack?

it is sharp!

please tell us those "death" tires are now gone...



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The front turnsignal bulbs/parking lights i replaced with some "hiper xenon bulbs" for 4$ they have the dual filament.. and they dont glow too bright when they are functioning as just the parking light, but they do get killer bright when i turn on the blinkers.. the other 2 bulbs in the corner i left as amber so i remain at least somewhat legal.
Mine has pretty much all the options available.. power seats, power mirrors, leather, trip computer, running boards, foglights, tow package.. the only thing it doesnt have is a sunroof.. but its practially an eddiepower, less sunroof and badging.
I bought it last year new.. right when the 2002 explorers were hitting the showroom.. so i got a really good deal on this one, but i only had the choice of the cars on the lot... and i really liked this one. so far its been a great truck.

And yes the "death-tires" have long since been removed.

Anabolic, how often do you use your fog lights? I feel the same way about getting a higher watt light bulb for my fogs and fry the wires. I was afraid of making that mistake. Defiantely keep us posted. I am going to check on some H1s bulbs for my fogs real soon. I know there isn't much out for these particular lights. Yes, I have to say it wasn't worth spending over $70 for PIAA superwhites. To me, I really can't tell a difference.


is a site in england, they have some excellent quality brand stuff and free shipping.

i have bought lights from them for my mercedes that has euro lights.

the philips +50's are nice and so are the osram bulbs they have.

these are still a lot less expensive than piaa bulbs!

i have some of the philips +50 h1's standing by. i don't think those toucan things will last very long.

btw do either of you guys have your fogs wired to come on [and stay on] with high beams or whenever you want? i did this the other week, it's way cool


my '98 before the hella 500 lights


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Thanks xlt-sport, I'll check into more about the site. I looked on there real quick, but they don't sat how much the H1s produce in watts. Anyways, I will look everywhere I go and see what available. Thanks again.

About a year and a half ago I had my fog's set to turn on with my headlights and I noticed one of them blew. So I went to a*tozone (to protect the reputation and honor of the store...I have altered a letter in the name) to get a replacement. I guess the D*ck (excuse me) gave me a bad bulb and it completely melted away and burnt a hole clear through the valance. Now my fog's dont work at all. Be careful with the bulbs you buy. If they get too hot you will run into some trouble. I still dont know what watt the replacement bulb was.


fosmo bulbs are standard 55 watt, the plus ones are much brighter than standard.

in fosmo "rallye" light section are some higher wattage bulbs


how can i wire my explorer so that my fogs stay on when i turn on the highbeams.. thats is something im definalty interested in.. Please explain further on how i can do this.

Anabolic, where did you buy your bulbs from? Did you order them or get them at a store? I would really like to get some. BTW, I really like your Explorer. I made the last pic my desktop background cause I'm weird like that. And how did you get your XLT with the Eddie Bauer trip computer?



Dead Link Removed

check out taxxman2k's post on my thread, he's the man with this PLAN

btw i paid 22.00 for the pair of my toucan 100watt xenon bulbs, what did you pay for your 75 watters?


i paid something close to $20 for the 75's. Hehe 2 days now.. so far so good.. i frequently check the lens area for signes of excessive heat/melting/distortion... and none yet.. but its also only been 2 days..

BTW thanks for the link.. ill have to do that this week

that really sucks to here about that experience. it also sucks that ford used PLASTIC lenses on the early fog lights. a 37.5 watt bulb was standard, gee can i borrow a match?

at least the later trucks have glass lenses and h1 bulbs.
heat isn't quite as much of a concern with glass.

you should be fine. i monitor my 100watt bulbs.


Hey AnabolicFrolic, you rock! Thanks for doing all this legwork as I was as unhappy as you were!

But, I have a question... you said that you have a 2001 X, and that you have a H1 bulb in there. After looking at your truck some more, it seems mine's a bit different somehow. For one, the local 'speed shop' guy says I have 899 bulbs in my housing (37 watts or something). I haven't pulled them out to verify (been raining bad, garage is full of landscape garbage :), but it's all I got to go on right now. Plus, look at my pictures, I have a different bumper than yo do. Did they make 2 versions of the 2001, and therefore, 2 versions of the fog lamps? If so, the 899s / H1s are way not-compatible and so I sit again in the dark. Literally!

Thanks AnabolicFrolic again!

2001 XLT 5.0




well when it stops raining u need to pop the fog out.. its just a simple twist and its out. Now i read my manual and it said 899 bulbs as well.. but the 899's include the base where the wires plug in.. but if u wiggle the bulb itself (making sure to grab only the metal base of the bulb) it should come out. Thats when i realized it looked like an h1..
im pretty sure u have the same fog bulbs as me.. ill describe my lens area a little better as well.. The bulb twists into the lens compartment and the actual bulb slides into a metal cup so that all the light is reflected back across the lens.
when i went shoppin for bulb i just brought the whole unit with me.. and showed it to the guys and didnt mention what car it came from... and the concensus was h1. HTH!

you have h1 bulbs in your truck.

twist the cover and carefully pull it straight out look at the bulb. those lenses are glass right?

if it has a metal chrome looking base it is an h1.

if you e-mail me at, i'll send you pictures of the h1 bulb if you like.

btw- there is confusion in the owners manual.


LOL... at myself!

Thanks guys, I finally got out there and did the wiggle thing and waa-laa, an H1 :)

Now, if I can only find those Toucans that you talked about down there. I went to their site and did a dealer locator - the closest dealer is 500mi away :)

Thanks again guys!

Is it just me or do the 2001+ bumpers look alot better than the 99 bumpers? :)

Also I wonder if I could mount a 2001 bumper on my 97, and then run a Safari Bar out of the air intake in the bumper, although it doesnt look like it would be quiet wide enough for it. Ya know a skid plate would look Awsome with those bumpers :) I was searching around this sight for the conversion but I couldnt find it. Those bumpers dont sit down as far as my 97's with the scoup made for my fog lights.

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now that is strange I was thinking my sisters 99 explorer had a really rounded front bumper, that looked alot larger and more rounded on top and bottom than the 2001+, but all the pics I can find on the net of 99 explorers the bumpers look just like the do on the 2001's. I could also swear that I have seen alot of trucks around town with these really rounded bumpers. maybe it is just my eyes playin tricks with my head.
Anyways if I was able to get an explorer from a Junk yard cheap, how do you think it would look if I was able to get someone to drill 2 holes in the bumper just below the frame to mount a Safari bar threw the bumper, cut some out of the mounting brackets so I could get the bar to fit level and mount it. It seems if I mounted the Safari bar that way it would be pretty sturdy. granted it wouldnt protect the bottom of my bumper, but then I could make up a skid plate and mount that underneath, and try to find some sturdy tow hooks and mount those inside the breather hole built into the bumper.
I could get a good deal on the welding Machine work cause a friend of mines dad owns a shop. I can get the safari bar for about $120, the Skid plate for about $60. I have no idea I would have to give for the bumper though.

Anyways how would that look, and would it be "do-able"?