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Sync 3 and quick charge


November 27, 2017
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Ellicott City, MD
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2017 Explorer XLT
just looking at brochure I have for 2017 Explorer and it states that the 202A option on XLT (which I just got about 5 weeks ago) has quick charge port in front and second row?? The front USB port (right below the touch screen) does not quick charge my S7 Edge. And neither does the one in the console storage area. Both seem to start Android Auto. And the second row only has a 12V outlet. Is the brochure possibly pre-production and then specs changed? I know that a Limited trim and up have 2 quick charge for 2nd row.

and just looked online on ford site and it says that it has 1 smart charging USB media hub. and 4 12 power points. 2 front row, 1 2nd, 1 cargo area. I only see one in front row near media hub below touch screen. Where is the other in front row?

Are you sure you don't mean 'USB Smart Charger'? The brochure I have doesn't mention "Quick Charge Port" at all and neither does the Owner's Manual. However, the Manual does show 1 USB Smart Charger located on the rear of the front console. I believe the 2nd front power point is inside the console.


got me! I saw smart charging and was assuming that meant quick charging. Sucks that it order to use android auto, the phone has to be plugged in to USB because now I can't quick charge! Hate to have 2 USB setups, 1 for connecting to Android Auto, and one for quick charging-switching the cord between the two depending on what I want.

In console, there is a single USB port in front top driver side of console. Don't see any 12Volt? Glove box?

Also in my 2013 fusion with MFT and RCA inputs, I used to be able to connect to my old phone (samsung omnia 2 running windows mobile 6.5) and watch video on the touch screen (only while not moving). but was pretty cool. miss that. Don't see any inputs on XLT.