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SYNC install in a 2006?

Allen Scheidel

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February 10, 2017
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2006 Explorer Limited
Hi everyone I am new to the Forum and joined because of a specific discussion. I love projects even lengthy ones. I have access to a junkyard with lots of Ford Fusions that have the sync system. I want to dissect the sync system from the junkyard and install it in my 2006 Limited. I already know it would be very difficult and I know that I would need to upgrade my head unit to one that is compatible. And the steering wheel controls would need to be modified. Other than that what do you all think. I know it would be easier to purchase the aftermarket sync kit and install it but that's not what I want to do and I already have mobile ease

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While I would say go for it, I would be cautious about how to wire it up. In my 2010, I had Sync with a CD Radio and upgraded to a factory Nav unit. But they make kits for this type of upgrade, so there was a known solution. And when I had to tap into the Sync module with the kit, this was a harness and plug with a dozen or more wires. Did they all route to the CD Radio? Unknown since I did not have to deal with that. Check out these two companies for possible 'kit solutions' and I would recommend to even call them. They are knowledge and can offer sound advice:

I also found this from a Google search

Also check out the other forms for the 150s etc.

And the other possible solution is aftermarket, but again u are faced in integrating it into steering wheel controls and mic that do not currently exist so....

Bottom line is that while you may get all the piece parts needed, wiring it up may be something that becomes the real task.
And while I know lots of varying opinions out there regarding Sync, I love mine...

Good luck and keep posting how it goes

The wiring harness splits off in various directs from what I could tell in the fusion. I have found wiring diagrams online for it, but have not had enough time to dissect the entire wiring from the junkyard. I have factory NAV and DVD in mine and love it, but my wife's 14 Fusion has SYNC and it is so nice. I can get it cheap, but you are right, the wiring is going to be tricky

Oh, u have a Nav unit already...
So the Nav units that use SYNC come in different flavors as you may know: pre-2009 they were the Nav DVD inside the unit and (I think) 2009 and 2010 they were the "jukebox" type that does not have a 'always inside' Nav DVD. Not sure when the Jukebox style was replaced with current version.

My point is that since you are doing a 'custom' job you need to decide on which type to use first. I suspect that the newer you go, the more options (like kits) you will have available. Perhaps you are limited by the selection of Fusions you have access to.

I do know (from talking to the folks at infotainment) that the Sync data passes thru the Nav Unit (at least for the Jukebox styles). Ie not sure you can mix and match > need to get a complete package (Nav Unit, SYNC box, steering wheel controls, mic) that works together.

My 09 has Sync, Nav (DVD updates) and jukebox. Haven't played around with the Jukebox yet as I've only had it a few weeks.