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synthetic or the other stuff


February 4, 2009
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i am wrapping up my rebuild for my 93 thinking bout going synthetic.concerns i have are gasket compatibility(all transtech),the fact that im reusing friction discs and they are saturated with conventional trans oil and also i am using my tq and there would be some of the conventional oil still in there.let me know what ya think.also what is your opinions on the babit bushing in the converter housing.apparently ir doesnt need machinig.

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I am going to stir up something with this, but whatever! :p:

I would use conventional, I just don't see the point in paying two to three times as much for what? There are no unbiased tests that prove synthetic is any better, period. :rolleyes:

I agree somewhat.however if synthetic were the same price would you run it.and im sure there is proof it runs cooler.i could be wrong though.

no brook i dont.but as i understand it this is prone to happening.the bushing there now is in very good condition not perfect.i was told that the babit was softer than the bras/copper origninal.that if this bushinbg started coming apart it would take the converter neck with it.apparently the babit is less likely to damage the converter neck in a failure.i dont want this to be a should've kinda situation.brook im sure i read somewhere you commenting on the transgo shift kit.what did you think about it.ive heard mixed reviews