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September 4, 2009
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St. Petersburg, Florida
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
I'll be passing 150,000 miles in the next few weeks and have decided to switch all my fluids over to full synthetic and do a complete tune-up on my next oil change. (next weekend maybe?)

What is everyone using as far as fluids, plugs, etcetera?

K&N already has the job as far as all my filters go; and I figure I'll just replace the belts with whatever Advance/Napa has in stock...

Thanks for your input!

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Mobil 1 full synthetic 10w30, motorcraft plugs/wires. Do not go to advance auto for a belt, i replaced mine 2 times with one from advace, belt was getting ripped all up. Went to napa, and been good for a month now.

I use Hydrotex lubes. You will never get enhanced performance using off the shelf lubricants. Example: my last oil change in my F-350 PowerStroke happened with 45,000 miles on the oil. The analysis dictated the timing.

You might wanna rethink the whole K&N thing. You can do a decent job of filtering, or you can flow a lot of air. You can't do both. In the process, your engine is taking a real beating.

Amsoil 0w20 for Me... combined with an Amsoil wick filter.

Also switched in Amsoil for my diff. fluids as well.

Motorcraft plugs.

idk about the fluids. In my opinion its not the type, its whether it gets changed on a regular basis. if you do go k&n definitely make sure it gets oiled and cleaned otherwise your engine will start sucking dirt. Motorcraft platinums. supposed to last 100k usually go longer. heard autolite aren't good anymore and stay away from the 4 prong magical wonder plugs that give you like 300% more power....they dont last as long as motorcraft platinums. Oh and when you change the plugs: blow air into the holes after the coils are pulled so crap doesnt fall into the cylinder when you pull the plug