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system messed up!!!!!


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January 22, 2001
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'95 XLT
Ok, here's my delima...i got my system installed last thursday by a local(reputable) car audio dealer. So, ever since that day after i turn the volume up on the head past 3 or 4 the subs quit working, no bass what so ever, they cease to get any power to them.....Whats Wrong w/ them? I mean i can live w/ that volume, but i'd really like for them to knock like my buddies does, please help me...thanx, chris

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Maybe the amps don't have enough ventilation and are overheating. That's my guess. Either that, or the amps aren't getting enough power.

nope man i wish it was that way being ez to fix, but like the second i turn the car on the subs die, now, about the power could i be not getting enough power???

You need to fill in more detail:

What kind of amp, and how much RMS power:

What kind of subs, how many and how much RMS power:

How are the subs wired to the amp:

Is 3 or 4 loud on your car or just average:

What guage wire are you using to power the amp:

For starters, I'd try running the amp without the engine on and see if that's doing anything different.

Secondly, try running the car, and if the sound cuts out, go to the back, and look for the LED, and see if the amp is still on or not.

Go back and raise hell

I would be pissed. Go back and see if they will fix it for free, if not I would be pissed. They will usually honor they're work. Did you buy the stuff there?
Sounds to me like not enough power or the amps have too much power for the speakers. I put in a 40wx4 HU in my mustang and the stock speakers could not take the power. The sound of the entire system was cutting out.

ok, i know that its gotta do w/ the wiring from the head unit now b/c i just went out and pluged up my lil discman w/ a rca out cord and well lets just say i prob. woke my neighbors up, i've never heard that loud of bass coming out of a single 12". i've got a 240w Blaupunt amp runnin to my 12" Pioneer 400w sub, so i really doubt im getting too much power. So is it that im not getting enough power to my sub or the amp?

If the system worked and had plenty of power from the discman, it's not a problem of power from the vehicle. Like you said, it's a problem with the signal from the head unit. Maybe some wires are loose somewhere, or the HU is faulty.

All i have to say is your black wire in your head unit, the "ground wire" well find a better ground for it because i am about 95% postive that is what it is... But there is always that 5%


what if the RCA patch cable is being pinched somewhere. check that out. from what you say its not really a power issue, sounds like signal to me. i would take it back to them. they should return the car in working order.

I had the same problem in my old '92 Ranger. I went to a "reputable" install place. I had the same problem that you are experiencing. When they put the carpet step panels back on (with screws), they put one of the self-tapping screws right through the RCA cable! I would take it back and have them take it apart and re-check their work. They may be good installers, but we are all human. Well, we may be human, but they should be thorough enough to check their work...