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T case Advice please


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August 13, 2014
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91 explorer xlt
Sup peeps .ok so new to this but here it goes.

saw this 91 ford on criagslist for good price cause sapposed to have a bad T case,and tags, in my eyes was a perfect vehicle to learn with and too get my wrench ON





so i got it fired up was an upside down fuel revaltor.soo when it was running in park i hear a mild grinding sound coming from the undercarge. I put it in gear notting at all.soo i belived the guy i bought the truck from was right.


i took out the t case with my paps help,he tell's me to start it to see if the transmission will move,i try but wont start so we consider it was cause The Tcase is not installed soo .I inspect the Tcase and it looks strong i click the 2hd- into 4h-4l and they rotate and seem solid

so my question is Whats a good way to test Tcase cause i dont wana buy one if i dont have too ,they dont give refund at the pick-A-Parts place ,im attemping to fix it DIY style and i think its the trans but i dont think im up too a transmission job but would like to attemp it

also any good site i can look at for aftermarket parts?

9 out of 10 (or more) t-case problems on a 1st Gen Explorer are shift motor related. Yours is electric shift, yes?

Rangerx said it perfectly..virtually all of the time it is the shift motor..the transfer case themselves are very durable.That is why when looking at rangers or explorers that are 4 wheel drive I wont buy one unless its manual case or if i have to have it then i swap out the electric crap and put manual in..Theres virtually nothing to ever go wrong that way.

Aha i think ive seen this truck on craigslist. Here is a way to see if the t-case is still good.

Take the shift motor off!
Turn the selector shaft toward 4H with pliers.
Jump back into truck and back up with your wheels turned.
Your truck should kinda jerk and go into 4x4.

You can learn how to remove it and rebuild it from this thread:

Shift motors are like window motors. Through Electronics and gears they move the selector shaft.

To go back to 2x4, move selector shaft back towards 2H