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t-case question?


March 23, 2010
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Crested Butte, CO
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96 Sport 4X4
I have a 96 2 door Sport 4.0 with a manual 5 speed and control trac 4wd (switch on dash has 2WD, 4WD AUTO, 4WD LOW). I have a rear output shaft bearing going bad in a hurry.

A friend has a wrecked 95 4 door 4.0 Auto trans with control trac 4wd (same switch on dash). I am wonder, no hoping that the auto trans t-case from his 95 will swap into my manual trans 96 Sport.

Will the t-case fit?
Thanks in advance.

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It should work I believe.

If your asking if the Auto trans will swap, it can be done but requires changing the wiring and the PCM

no, i don't need the trans, just the t-case.
any experts on this subject please, i really don't have the money to spend on rebuilds or having someone pull them both out to find out they won't work.
thank you!

i apologize if i came off like jerk in my last post.
i just need some solid advice because quit frankly, well, i'm broke.
if his t-case won't work then i won't waste time, energy or money.
if it will, then, finally i got some luck.
really, thank you!

Rob, I would say Swetrid is about the most knowledgeable guy giving you info. imp

I think 95 -96 are interchangeable. I don't think it will matter if the donor TC comes from a manual trans or an auto trans as long as you use the wiring and GEM in your truck to hook it all up. The GEM controls the TC functions, not the PCM.