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T/stat Housing


March 3, 2002
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I'm keeping up the maintenance on my '97 XLT w/SOHC this weekend. Only 48k more till I reach 250,000.
After new front rotors and pads, oil, filter & lube, fuel & air filters, new plugs, and topping off the leaky front diff, I notice seepage @ the t/stat housing and figure it's been 3 years since an antifreeze change, I'll replace the gasket (and t/stat while I'm in there) cause it's such a PITA. It turns out the top half of the housing, which is slightly beveled, has worn where the seepage was. I call around for an after market and no one stocks it! I'd like to get the car ready for use, so I decide to use sand paper to clean up the sealing surface that's erroded from the seepage. BAD move! I didn't measure,but I'm sure I took off no more than a 32nd or 64th. No matter, between that "machining" and the thin O ring by Stant, it leaked as soon as I started the engine.
To the dealer tommorrow.

just use sealent... I'v been using fords sealent that they sent me for a oil pan on the f-350 and i haven even used a 1/4 of it yet

but it tuff as nails and never leaks