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Tailgate central locking inop


August 30, 2009
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Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
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I have just changed the tailgate on my 97 Ex (off set number plate) for a tailgate off a 98 Ex (central number plate). i have a problem with the central locking. It locks but wont unlock. On checking the wiring on the main loom connector there is a difference.
The Old Block Connector has the following wires-
Brown - Blue strip
Pink (maybe faded red)
2 x White - Purple stripe (in same socket)
Purple - Green stripe
Pink - Black stripe
Black - Blue stripe
White - Orange stripe

The New Block Connector has the following wires-
Brown - Blue stripe
Purple - White stripe
Green - Purple stripe
Purple - Yellow stripe
Pink - Black stripe
empty socket
Black - Blue stripe
White - Orange stripe

Has anybody ever come across this or have any ideas how to rectify.
Thanks, Chris

I have the same problem, also my top brake light doesn't work either....


Hi chinks
You could do a search for wiring diagrams on our american cousins site.
Personally i would look at a comparison with your old kit and the new kit ie look at the wires at the old locking mech and note their colour and do the same at the new one. Likewise with the high line brake if yours doesn't work like blueka's. with the old and new wiring mapped you can make the necessary adjustments at the block.

I would short prob all the wires in turn with a mate on the pedal...what you gotta loose
at most a fuse eh?
Oh do this whilst stationary- oh you may have health issues after- dont say I never warned you!
Good luck- Lol!