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Tailights, amber indicators


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November 3, 2012
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Hello guys.

I have just brought home to Norway a 2 door 2002 Explorer sport. Awesome little truck, however unfortunately not in compliance with euro regulations with it's all-red-indicators at the rear.
Now I'm pretty sure they were available here in Europe back in the days, even though I haven't seen that many on the second hand market any more..

Does anyone know where I could source euro-compliant taillights? Or if there is some other way I get it to flash amberly.?


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I have thought about that too.. As an absolute last resort though, want to try and keep it original. ;)

You may have some fun here. From my research there are only two lamps in the rear. One is for reversing and the other is a combined stop/tail lamp that also acts as the indicator. Any standard replacement lens will only have places for two lamps and how do you separate the indicator function from the brake light?

I have som ideas, but I'll worry about that if I get hold of some lights. ;)
I take it that since it's configured that way there are no tailights available..?
Originally it wasn't imported and sold in Norway, so the partsdealers look at me with questionmarks in their eyes when I ask them.
Is there any way to check in other euro countries...?

As far as I can tell the original USA model has red tail lights with clear bits for the reversing lights. That model was never sold over here so there are no parts here either. How about putting amber lights in the bumper. Not sure what your regulations are there.

The standard 'euro' conversion on such vehicles seems to be using the clear reverse lamps as the turn signals, with the wiring for the turn signals re-routed to the reverse lamp bulb housings, and the bulbs replaced with amber ones.

Hmm.. And then what to do with the reversing lights?
I know we are only required to have one reversing light at the rear.
Could maybe incorporate it with a high mounted braking light.
Thanks for the tips guys!