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Take a look, what do yall think?


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December 27, 2010
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Deer Park, Texas
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2002 Xsport
Some camo I did just gettin some input.





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I don't see anything.


Get it? Cause it's camo. :D

What are you using to do that??

Its actually wraping for the outside of the truck, i just bought half a sheet. I wanted to do something different cause everyone always put it on the outside. I got it from camoclad.com pretty cool stuff.

Looks bad ass.

Have you considered just doing the plastic cladding on the outside?

I thought about putting it on the plastics on the outside, i was waiting to finish my bumbers first. But you can just about put it on anything as long as you prep the area good.

nice i thought mine looked good i recovered my armrest with camo and got mossy oak floormats lol nice truck by the way have the same one

i hate it. vehicles as a whole stand no chance at blending in with anything, and camo just looks extremely tacky to me. looks like you did a great job applying it though, and props for doing something different.