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taking off running boards


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March 29, 2002
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2005 GTO
i am thinkin about taking the running boards off my eddie bauer. The only problem is that the fender flares meet the running boards giving the flairs a tapered look at the end. I am afraid that it will look like crap if i take the running boards off and just have the flares end with no "transition". Has anyone elso taken the running boards off their 'Bauer? If so please post pics, i need to see what they look like..thanks ahead of time...


I think GJarrett had his off for the last trip to Moab and there are pictures of it posted somewhere, look in his pictures or even Rick's, I know there are pics of it...somewhere.

I took both running boards off a 98 Sport in under an hour. It wasn't that hard, just too a little bit of time. To find out if I liked the look or not I just took off one side and drove around with it like that for a couple days. I decided that I liked the look so I took the other side off. It doesn't take long so just take them off of your EB and see if you like it. If not, put them back on; no harm done.