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Taknitezx2's 2001

Hi. Finally Elite and with pics. Anyways, my name is Jeff and im from Chino, CA, thats So. Cal. Im 18 and pretty much another guy who decided to start putting money into his truck do drive it recklessly through the dirt. But anyways, a little about my X.

Current Specs:
2001 4 Door, XLT 2WD<-(not the best choice but it does its job)
4.0 V6
31x10.5x15 BFG M/T's
5'' Lift
Front- 3'' spindle and 2'' TT Rear- Shackles and AAL
Sony Head Unit
4 alpine 6x8 speakers in doors
2-12'' MTX Subs and Amp
Misc other nic nacs
*I think thats most of the notables

Things for the Future:
3'' PA body lift
33x??x15 ????
15x10 wheels
4.10 gear
Rear Locker
More misc other nic nacs

Heres a Few pic of it just sittin :-( No dirty pics yet, but they will come.


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A couple more. Let me know your thoughts and opinions. Just dont let them be bad, dont wanna hurt my feelings not do you? :nono:


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my new lights-- on the first pic, the lights were to high to fit in the garage so i got a bracket that dropped it down about 1.5''. now i can stay inside.
BTW, got my 3'' body lift in my room, so that will go on soon when its time for bigger tires. Also got my flowmaster with the dump infront of the rear axle. sounds good and gave some nice power back.


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Looks really good. :thumbsup:

My tools -- JD2 tube bender, 14'' chop saw, lil' bench with notcher and vice, air compressor (yellow thing), welder (red thing under yellow thing). And a little present im doing for the girlfriend. Initials RNR, the N will be inside the heart. And 2.5'' king shocks w/ resi.


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That looks good to me I know I am going to feel really dumb when You answer this, but......Whats the pipe that runs across the engine bay for?

i had to cut out my upper shock mounts to fit the bigger shocks. The hoops go up into the bay then that brace goes across to distrbute the load as the shocks move.

I knew I would feel dumb. Thanks for clearing that up. It looks like its where the shock tower braces are I have seen on mustangs (clue huh? :rolleyes: )

I wish I had all those tools to work with at home. I have some, but not enough. keep up the good work. :thumbsup:

looks great. you going to do the SOA in the future? i suppose your going for the pre-runner look though.

looks very very nice!

No SOA. By end of June will be Camburg 6.0 (pickin it up this weekend), LT deaver leafs, glass, new tires, and gears. I love my car.

I just finished fabrication in the garage. I am dirty. :thumbsup:


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sweet. u needa come to pismo.