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"tank" '94 Navajo 4x4

well, i just picked up this running, daily driver for 1100 bucks.

1994 Mazda Navajo
4.0 V6
4x4 (that works)
sunroof (leaks)
154,000 miles





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Very nice!

Are those zip ties through the radiator? Watch out.. those can damage the rad.

those zip ties are not going through the radiator. they are going through the mount holes on my Police Issue Siren Speaker made by whelen. its a very lud PA speaker and i didnt have nowhere to bolt it on.

nice navajo

Very nice! How exactly do you have your CB antenna mounted?

i drilled a hole in the rear bumper all the way through and took my cb mount off the antenna and screwed it into the bumper. i actually have a different whip on there now because the other didnt look very good.


Oh sweet! I think I might steal that if you don't mind :) Do you have any pic of a close up of under the bumper or somethin?