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Tans and Valve Body ?


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September 1, 2005
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1999 XLT
Can you please tell me what Transmission model I have in my 1999 Explorer with a V6 SOHC engine. It has the tow package with posi rear end and trans cooler. I am having the 2-3 gear flare up and on occasion it is slow in responding to 1st gear. The truck has 125k miles and am thinking of rebuilding the valve body and replacing the EPC.

Also, what is the best and/or easiest valve body kit to install. I am not looking for a hard shifting trans, just something that will make it work correctly and provide positive shifting.


btw - title should read Trans and Valve Body...

Wow. That is pretty cheap for a valve body.

My take on this is that there are two common causes for the shift flare: a) there is a leak or blownout area in one of the valve body gaskets (which allows pressure to bleed off) or b) the EPC is worn out or clogged and doesn't apply the correct pressure.

So if you rebuild (or replace) the valve body and replace the EPC, you will have addressed both issues.

I followed the rebuild thread and replaced the valve body gaskets, separator plate (I used the upgraded plate that was called for in the TSB) and new EPC. I wasn't getting the shift flare (I had about 114k then) but there was a test for a new design EPC that I got for free. I now have just under 120k (I don't drive the Explorer much these days)

The thing that I noticed is that the valve body gaskets were very brittle; they fell apart when I removed the separator plate. So if any of the valve body bolts come loose, it would be very easy to get a blowout of the gasket(s).

You don't need the pump and seal unless you intend to remove the trans. You don't need to remove the trans to service the valve body.
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