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Targeting SRT8 Cherokee...


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June 18, 2010
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2000 Explorer 5.0
I got a 2000 limited AWD 5.0, it moves ok for its size but ive drove a few SRT's (420hp) and thats about the performance id like to have.

For cost reasons ive decide to stay with a 306/308 no matter what I do, so a power adder will be required. Im lucky to have friends in the fab/machine world and a DIY turbo is looking like a reasonable option. Itd be simple, remote, intercooled setup and id run no more than 10psi.

For driveabilty, Id like to keep the stock cam. What I cant decide on is the heads. I could port the stockers for cheap/free but they will still be the roadblock for power. Then again for reliabilty staying under 500 hp would be a good idea.

What does it take to run with a stock/lightly modded SRT ??
Ive seen a few with h/c/i and a shot running low 11s..

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This sounds like a great idea! I always wished Ford would do something to compete but ofcourse they never have. My personal take on this is to possibly move to a 5.8 lightning/cobra R motor. The smaller older explorers are perfect for their wieght but your going to need atleast another 100hp to compete and the 5.8 is a direct decendant of the 5 liter our trucks currently have so God willing should bolt up to a slightly modified tranny. Obviously this is going to need a complete suspension overhaul and just a little wieght reduction up front to accomidate the added wieght from the larger motor and balance the total vehical wieght a little better.
This has been my dream so I hope this inspires you a little!

DITCH THE FACTORY CAM, that cam sucks. And another cam is not going to kill drive ability that's bs, unless you went to some stupid big cam. I wouldn't mess with the heads unless you can do it really cheap/free. And don't forget headers, that's the real roadblock on these motors.

option B) hope the announcer at the track is an idiot.

I had first dreamed of a 331 or 347 but after reading thru some of the swaps on here, it seems a bit more involved than i thought.

Same with the 351, i think the explorer accessory cover is unique so theres no a bolt on solution for accessories for a 351, nor are headers easily available. Plus the ignition would have to be sorted out, the explorer has no distributor.

The ultimate would be a BOSS 302 block build.. the new block can fit up to 360" and fits like a stock block. But it cost as much as ive budgets for my whole build lol

Wow, thats impressive from a 302 block... i wonder how far the R302 blocks can be stretched ?? They have come down in price on the used market since the BOSS came out.

Id love to go that route but im not going to have the coin for high dollar internals. A stock crank, rods and good forged piston is all my power dreams can afford lol.

Boost, the great equalizer...