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tarheels actual SAS

since my coilover swap never really panned out i went ahead and decided to go SAS.

this thread is for some questions I have about other swaps and posting pictures of what im going to personally do.

what im using:
99 Cherokee D30 sprung over
1st gen steering box
wrangler front springs (if i can find them :rolleyes:)
extended brake lines of some sort

Im copying sections idea of the front spring hangers using 3x3 tube 1/4" wall so i can run a 2.5" spring (are the wrangler springs 2.5"?) for the rear shackle im going to do what rjcooperss396 did and sleeve a hole through the frame and make a shackle for it.

here are my real questions, ive read through almost everyone of the second gen SAS threads only problem is there's too much crap in them to get the information or a straight answer. (not to say there isnt good info in them)

when you do a first gen box on a second gen i know you need to use the shaft from it as well, do i also need the lines (was going to get them anyway) and do they bolt up to a SOHC pump?

next question: i see almost everyone that does leafs drop there front hangers down at least 4-7" from the frame. i want to achieve only 5-6" of lift, would it be a huge problem to put the perch almost directly on the frame and tie it in with a front crossmember.